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Dulce helped us with our upstairs renovation after we purchased our house. She worked with our contractor as our project manager and designer. We could not have done it without her! She made the process run smoothly and efficiently. We are very happy with the end result, which is beautiful. We would highly recommend her!

~ Emily Holden
Colts Neck, NJ


My wife and I had long since decided that our house needed a renovation. I am a professional builder, and as such, I see a dizzying amount of selections. We had been stuck in neutral, until we hired Dulce to work with us. I have worked with many Architects and several designers over the years, but never one person who is fluent in both construction and design. I found she has great taste, a good sense scale and color. She was able to find a happy medium with our various taste in furniture. Her rates are fair, and she is always responsive.

We are so happy with the outcome of the project, and would definitely hire her again as we will modernize our Master Suite.

~ Landmark Homes, LLC
Hillsborough, NJ
Project Price Range: $50,000 – $100,000


“One of the most intimidating experiences in our adult lives has been to undertake a significant house remodeling and reconstruction project, feeling as if nothing in our lives had prepared us for the nuances and complexities that lay ahead.

Fortunately, early in our project, we were introduced to interior designer and project manager, Dulce Feito-Daly. Dulce met with us and together we discussed our thoughts and feelings about the project and the home that we were ultimately looking to create. We talked about our needs, the use and frequency of each room and of the need for additional new spaces. She learned about the composition of our family and how we entertained.

Dulce outlined her professional services, along with her compensation structure. We discussed the sufficiency of our financial budget for the construction, furnishings and decor. She then, very quietly, but confidently, announced that she felt that we were ready to “take the plunge”.

She was right…we only needed assurance from someone who had experienced construction projects many times over and had years of design experience. Dulce was in effect someone who knew the “project management ropes”. She remained by our side to guide us through the entire process.

Dulce was there to gently nudge us when our conventional 1970’s decoration sense would get in the way of a more modern, transitional style…”Who ever heard of a chandelier in the master bathroom? We hadn’t, but the one she selected for us worked beautifully. She came to know our tastes and design sense, but would delicately “direct” us to come out of our comfort zones, to try more updated design concepts, fabrics and colors. Our home renovation and decoration was a true reflection “us”. There was never any conflict over which direction we would go…only how long it would take us to realize what we wanted.

After four months, our construction project was completed and we ended up with a beautifully designed home that meets our needs just perfectly. We designed and spent “smartly”…spending more lavishly on the materials, fixtures and furniture in rooms that we use every day, and less on rooms used less frequently.

Our house renovation was a real collaboration between us and Dulce, who provided the “design intelligence” and “sense of style” that we needed. The ultimate result is a home that is a true reflection of us. Dulce guided us through a much nuanced and occasionally “scary” process. ”

~ Steve & Toby Woodard
Shrewsbury, NJ


“We worked with Dulce to remodel our 3 bathrooms and laundry room.  She has an extensive knowledge of design principles, products, materials and construction details.  The simple fact of the matter is that our project would not have been done as beautifully or proceeded as smoothly without Dulce’s guidance and project management.

She took the time to really get to know our lifestyle and our preferences. At each step along the way, she used that knowledge to narrow down an overwhelming number of choices to a manageable set. On the day she navigated us through a successful (and even fun!) trip to the tile store, we knew that choosing Dulce was one of our best decisions.  It was a pleasure to work with her and we are thrilled with how our project turned out.”

~ Pam, David, Daniel, Michael, Murphy & Lacey


“I don’t make a move without her!” That is what I tell my family and friends and it is true. Dulce has been working with me for about 4 years now on a remodeling project. My husband and I have been completing our home in stages. The end result is that my home is lovely- welcoming, warm and relaxing. It is a true reflection of what I believed my home could possibly be, thanks to Dulce. I can honestly say that my home takes my breath away when I walk in the front door. The colors, design and attention to detail are all there.

Dulce is dedicated to her client’s and just so talented. She listens carefully to what you want and need. She takes into consideration your family’s lifestyle and living habits so that your home not only looks its best but also works for you. My home has become the gathering place for my family and friends because everyone just loves being here. Thank you, Dulce- thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ Susan Dzugan


“I worked with Dulce on the renovation of my Master Bathroom. Thanks to her skill and expertise, an exquisite European bathroom was created from a 1980’s nightmare. After completing this project, we went on to continue the European/ Louis IV style in the Master Bedroom. Her ability to zero in on the basic element of design without missing a single detail is admirable. Dulce’s professionalism and pride in her work make her an excellent choice as an interior designer.”

~ Carol Sebastian


“We were stumped- after almost a year of renovation, we still didn’t know how to make key choices to finish our kitchen and bathroom. Dulce stepped in and with a big smile and confident and relaxed manner, narrowed the choices down to 3 or 4 distinctive and fresh options. Her influence made these rooms tasteful, whimsical and a joy to live in. When our friends enter, they exclaim “wow”.

As we continue to work with Dulce, she consistently makes suggestions that hit home; she seems to know our tastes and we appreciate hers. We have learned to trust that when she makes a recommendation, it is the right one.”

~ Martha & Rusty Eidmann-Hicks


“We first knew Dulce as a disciplined, organized and skilled business person. When we began to renovate our home, we looked to her to help us develop design solutions, avoid mistakes and create efficient, unique and comfortable living spaces. As our house is never really done, we continue to enjoy working with Dulce when we need creative and imaginative solutions- no matter how large or small.”

~ Judy & Ray Syms


“I was having a difficult time knowing where to begin when we redesigned several rooms in our house. Dulce’s creativity and confidence in what she’s doing helped me to make great decisions for color, textures and furniture in our house. She understood my taste, translated this to a unique design and was able to guide me through the design process from beginning to end. Her custom design and distinctive elements made our home truly brilliant. Dulce was fantastic!”

~ Allyson Gilbert


“It is our pleasure to recommend Dulce Feito-Daly as a decorator/consultant.  We are currently in the process of renovating and combining two New York City apartments. Dulce has totally taken over the project and has coordinated all operations with our contractors and vendors. Her taste is impeccable and her suggestions honest and very workable. If anyone needs to discuss Dulce’s abilities any further, please feel free to contact us at any time.”

~L and M Margolies
Rumson, NJ/ New York City, NY


“I have been a client of Dulce Daly since 2002, when I was dealing with an addition to my home, she was a great help dealing with some of the contractors, she has a tremendous sense of color, and very helpful with lighting in every room. When it came time for decorating the rooms, I depended on her fully, Dulce takes the time in the beginning to get to know her clients, and because of that, it was fun decorating and furnishing my home, I wouldn’t mind doing it again with Dulce!!!!”

~Sameera Wilders


“My husband and I have been working with Dulce for over 10 years. She redesigned our entire NJ condo in a romantic traditional style, including complete renovations of the kitchen and two full baths. Our home was so spectacular that it was featured in a 5-page spread in NJDesign magazine. Moreover, in the depressed real estate market our one-of-kind-condo sold before other units in the complex, because it was beautifully designed.

Dulce is working with our architect in the design plans of our rustic Idaho house. She provides many insights that we could never have imagined at this early stage. We now live in Las Vegas and continue to work with Dulce for the renovation of two bathrooms, the kitchen, and design details of our southwest home.

We enjoy working with Dulce, because she listens to our needs and lets our personalities show in the home design.”

~ Donna Balon

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