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1: Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades Will Bring You The Biggest Returns On Your Money.

If you are going to put money into your home before you sell, put it into the kitchen and bathrooms.    Even modest improvements increase the value of your investment not to mention sales appeal.

2: Give Your Cabinets A Makeover

Paint or stain old cabinets to make them look new again.  Add new cabinet hardware as the finishing touch.  The result is a huge payoff for little money.  Consult with your local home improvement store or paint dealer to find the right paint for your project.

3: Be Counter Wise

Updating the most important surface in your kitchen is a must.  Old and grungy, ugly or dated colors and patterns are strong negative visuals to a prospective buyer.  Check local sources for granite remnants or consider inexpensive pre-fabricated countertops.

4: Stainless-steel Appliances Will Catch The Buyer’s Eye.

You can’t go wrong by installing stainless-steel appliances.  If your budget doesn’t allow for the high end look of the stainless-steel, then install new biscuit colored appliances to replace the old ones.  You will get your money back when you sell.

5: A Grimy Bathroom Will Turn Away Any Potential Buyer

Clean up your old tub and shower with an affordable bathroom restoration service.  Have your tile repaired and grout cleaned along with the tub reglazed to give your old bathroom a makeover.  If your bathtub and shower is in very bad of shape, then consider installing an acrylic tub liner.  It saves you a lot of money and you don’t have to renovate the entire bathroom.

6: Don’t Just Freshen Up The Paint; Pick The Right Paint Color. 

Vivid colors take the focus away from other positive features of your home and reduce offers.  Warmth and neutrality is the name of the game.  First make any necessary repairs to damaged walls then paint them with soft neutral colors like a light taupe.  This will increase the visual flow of the house.  Don’t forget about the doors, trim and ceilings if they look dingy or are marked up.

7: Open Floor Plans Are Very appealing.

You may consider knocking down a wall to make it happen.  Consult a professional builder or architect to determine if it is a load-bearing wall.   By removing key walls, your home will appear larger and provide more options for the use of the space for the buyer.

8: Brighten Up Your Home

Open up all the doors to all the main rooms including the outside if the weather is nice.  Remove any unnecessary blinds and old shades on the windows.  Take away any heavy or outdated window treatments in order to visually expand the spaces and allow the outside to come in.

9: Remove Any Unnecessary Items And Furniture Before You Show The House.

A cluttered house is a red flag to buyers that your home lacks square footage or storage space.  Move unnecessary items to a storage facility or have a garage sale.  Don’t let buyers see your personal belongings and impose your design style on them.  Let them imaging the house as their own.  Remember, you are trying to sell your house not your belongings and lifestyle.

10: The Money Is In The Details

Moldings such as crown, base and embellished trims add character and value to your home.  It is relatively inexpensive, adds considerable value and it’s just one of those little unspoken things that make your house just above the pack.

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